Outdoor Dog Shoes
Outdoor Dog Shoes
Outdoor Dog Shoes
Outdoor Dog Shoes
Outdoor Dog Shoes

Outdoor Dog Shoes

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Soft and Anti-slip soles, capable to provide traction and well protect dogs' paws from pavement, grass, tile, deck, boat, winter salt, snow, ice, indoor hardwood floors and other surfaces. Keep your pet clean warm from cold winter weather. And also protect your furniture and floors.

The shoe expands with elastic band fastening for better fit. Safe reflective stripe attached, deep your dog visible at night.

All material are breathable and washable, Anti-slip rubber soft sole. Lightweight materials, soft, comfortable. Kindly Attention: This dog boots is only protected from light rain and can not stay in the rain for a long time, it is best to wear it indoors.

2# Shoes Width: 1.38in/3.5cm Shoes Length:1.73in/4.4cm
3# Shoes Width: 1.57in/4.0cm Shoes Length:1.97in/5.0cm
4# Shoes Width: 1.77in/4.5cm Shoes Length:2.17in/5.5cm
5# Shoes Width: 1.97in/5.0cm Shoes Length:2.36in/6.0cm
6# Shoes Width: 2.17in/5.5cm Shoes Length:2.56in/6.5cm
7# Shoes Width: 2.36in/6.0cm Shoes Length:2.76in/7.0cm